Vacation Destinations for Families: our list in 2021

Often your family members need to spend a family vacation that renews their activity and revives them. So, you are wondering about those places suitable for a purely family atmosphere with many wonderful activities and entertainment. That, it will surely remain stuck in the minds and memory. Here in this article are some vacation destinations for families you will love to visit.

Vacation destinations for families in Europe:


There will often be vacation destinations for families or friends only, and other destinations suitable for parents and children. We can say that tourism in Georgia with your family is an appropriate opportunity to spend fun times full of adventure and everything new with them.

Barcelona – Spain

It is considered one of the best European cities in which you can please your children. This charming city is distinguished by its colorful buildings and recreational places such as: “Parc de la Ciutadella”. It contains a unique water fountain and animal sanctuary. Also, it has the “Park Güell” park built of mosaic stones of many colors. It’s absolutely enjoyable and surrounded by landscaped gardens and wonderful forests.

In addition to the “Barcelona Aquarium” and “Tibidabo” plateau games, which can be accessed via the cable car, and you can see the city from it from a high altitude.

Somerset and Barnes – England

In the Barnes region, the Wetland Center is located and is considered a component of a group of water oases. Also, there is the presence of 180 species of birds that can be seen closely. There are “Walkie Hall” caves in Somerset, where the cave elevators are lit in many colors. There is a “Vondelpark” and the National Maritime Museum.

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More places in Europe

Northern Portugal

There are many family-friendly places, especially in “Porto”, where the family can take a boat and enjoy the “Douro” river in the city, and children can have fun like no other in the park, “The World of Discovery”.


It is the capital of Britain, and it is considered one of the family-friendly destinations, and it includes many places where the family can find what they want, as it has many parks and many events and activities are held during the summer.

The French Pyrenees

It is the perfect place for families wanting to escape from crowded cities, coastal cities, and beaches, and has many summer activities that adults and children can enjoy.

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Destinations in Middle East:


Amman, the beautiful Arab city, which is famous for its many parks, such as the Martyrs’ Garden, the Diyar Park, which contains games and a children’s museum that offers various programs, in addition to the rose city “Petra”, the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum, which has an enjoyable desert atmosphere.

Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Tourism in Dubai is another world that combines beauty and unique luxury, as there is a city of children, Dolphin Bay, Ski Dubai Center for the practice of skiing, and other places of entertainment that are unparalleled.

Marrakech – Morocco

This wonderful city is considered one of the best tourist destinations for families in the Arab world, where Majorelle Garden, Ibn Yusuf School, Jemaa El Fna Square, and other ideal destinations for you and your family members that bring them pleasure.


It is one of the most beautiful regions in Turkey. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular destinations in Turkey.

Many families take advantage of this season’s vacation to do some tourist trips to relieve the stress of work or study and enjoy the joys of nature. Travel desires differ from one family to another; There are those who prefer to go to European countries and there are those who prefer to travel to neighboring countries due to lack of time.


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