Travel Essentials for Europe: what you should have

Traveling is inspiring, educational, and just plain fun! It is undeniable that traveling to Europe is a part of everybody’s life goals, whether for a short-term goal or a long-term one. Even though Europe is Earth’s second-smallest continent, except it has a plethora of incredible countries, history, culture, cuisine, myriad of sights, and natural beauty that have to be seen at least once in a lifetime! Here is our list of the best places to visit in Europe and travel essentials for Europe.

Best places to visit in Europe

The destinations below are a combination of the most popular places in Europe, you should never miss when visiting the continent:

Santorini (Greece)

Barcelona (Spain)

Paris (France)

London (England)

Piran (Slovenia)

Meteora (Greece)

Venice (Italy)

What are travel essentials for Europe?

If you are venturing out on your trip to Europe but are not sure what to pack? Here are some must-have essentials you should pack:

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are easy, quick organizational tools for your suitcase. They differ in shapes and sizes, you can use as many or as few cubes as it takes to organize your gear. That means you might choose just two medium-sized cubes to pack for a beach vacation. Though, in winter larger cubes are a better choice, These helpful cubes space, and cinch-down your items.

What do packing cubes actually do?

Using packing cubes that fit your luggage helps you:

Organize and separate clothing (by color or type of clothing).

Also, it helps put small items, like power cords or socks( this can help them from rolling or moving around in your bag).

Use them as a pillow, shoe bag, laundry bag, or cosmetics bag.

Keep your clothing wrinkle-free.

Have extra protection If any liquids spill in your bag.

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry bags are extremely handy to have while traveling. They will keep your toiletry items organized and safe from damage or contamination.

Know the 12 travel essentials you must have in every travel.

Here is a List of Basics Toiletries:

Shampoo / Conditioner

Body Wash / Soap

Facial Wash / Cleanser


Mouthwash Tablets



How to create your own toiletries list?

Go through your daily routine in your head. 

Make note of each thing you use.

Pack only that, and nothing else.

Get rid of the “just in case” items.

A couple of travel toiletry hacks to try:

Use your phone in selfie mode as a mirror instead of bringing a compact.

Packing toiletry/ makeup samples rather than the full product.

Put the liquids in smaller containers.

Travel Shoe Bags

Using a Shoe Sac not only keeps all the dirty shoes from touching your clothes but also works as a dual-purpose laundry bag for wet clothes. You can also use it as a packing cube, makeup bag, toiletry bag, or underwear organizer just as you like.

More travel hacks for you


It is needless to say that you should take your credit and debit cards with you. Also, make sure to have some extra cash just in case of emergencies.

Neck Wallet

The only way to avoid getting pickpocketed when traveling to Europe is to use a neck wallet.

What is a neck wallet?

It is a little multi-pocketed pouch you can wear around your neck and hide it under your shirt. Make it impossible for pickpockets to steal. So, you can keep your passport, credit cards, phone ID, cash, and travel documents safe.


We all hate when our phone dies in the middle of the day. This is really inconvenient when wandering about a city for hours on end. So, remember to bring along a small, efficient, power bank to charge all of your things.

Travel Clothing Packing List

Shirts & Tops For Travel

Jeans, Pants, & Bottoms

Travel Underwear

Travel Socks

Shoes For Travel

Outerwear For Travel

Winter Clothing

Finally, do not forget to take your camera to document all the beautiful places you visit and the unforgettable moments you have.


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