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Top airlines in 2021: our list of the best services

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places. Other lives, other souls”. This quote sums up the real goal of travelling, it’s not about moving from a place to another, it is to have a new adventure, a new life and a new soul. Travelling started from the beginning of mankind by walking, then by animals like camels and horses. After that, humans invented boats, cars, trains and planes to move from a place to another with less time. The first plane was invented in 1903 by the Wright’s brothers and it made a qualitative shift in the transportation field. Here in this article a little about airlines, a brief look at their history, and the top airlines you should pick when you decide to travel.

When the airlines were founded?

Airlines aim to transfer people or goods from a place to another. Then, it begins to concern about the comfort of passengers and how to services for them. The first airline was founded after the first world war in Frankfurt and the oldest companies were founded in Colombia, Australia and Czech.

Every one of us waits for that moment when you hear the last call for your plane, so we start to imagine the new feeling, adventure, and of course the feeling of being high in the sky and between clouds. Here are the top 13 airlines to enjoy travelling.

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Top airlines, 13 choices:


One of the best airlines, Azul is a Brazilian airline which is known for the low cost of its flights. Also, It offers high customer services, including internet, TV and movies.

2-Singapore Airlines

It provides special services for businessmen, first-class passengers and tourists.


An Australian airline, it considers the top airline in safety and security procedures.

4-Qatar Airways:

It is characterized by its special design of two and three cabins for all the passengers, and high services. It also has the best food services.

5-EVA Air

Chinese airline, it considered as the second-best airline in Asia for its safety.

6-Air New Zealand

It has special amenities and comfortable seats for the economic class.


It is the largest airline in the middle east and it flies to all continents and it has amazing seats and beds.

8-Alaska Airlines

An American airline, it is marked by its family atmosphere and amazing amenities.

9-Cathy Pacific

A Chinese airline, it uses the new generation of fuel-efficient planes.


Germany largest airline, it includes the best long-trips.

11-ANA All Nippon

A Japanese airline with creative cabin

12-Korean Air

It includes comfortable seats, entertainment services and the best customer services.

13-Virgin Atlantic Airways

A British airline, it has the best cabin for economic class and the best flight crew.

Top worst airlines:

After, we shouldn’t the other side of the list, so here are the top worst airlines!

1-Air Transat

The worst customer services and flight crew.

2-Ethiopian Airlines

Unsafety planes which cause 302 flight crashing.


Bad customer services and laguage lost.


Bad customer services and unclean planes.

Airlines companies try to do their best for the passengers’ satisfaction, and they develop their services year after year.

How to choose a suitable airline:

Don’t make prices control you, search for good services, not for an expensive or cheap flight. Choose a suitable time for your flight, don’t make it too early or too late. Check the safety procedures history of the airline.

Travelling by air is preferable to most people nowadays because it is more comfortable and takes less time. Here are some tips to enjoy your flight:

  • check the airline services before resisting
  • sit beside the window
  • watch a movie
  • take a neck pillow for sleeping
  • wear comfortable clothes
  • put your items in an accessible place.

If you have a flight in the next days, please don’t forget our advice.


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