Picnic foods for kids; best ideas in 2021

Going out with your family in a countryside during lovely spring days? Don’t forget, your kids would like to recharge their bodies from time to time while playing around. Her, we provide you simple ideas to prepare picnic foods for kids. Either you go out in a real picnic, or you’re just throwing a garden party in your front yard, this list will be definitely useful.

Mini quiches

Egg muffins are perfect picnic foods for kids to fill their food time during your picnic. you can choose whichever vegetables you, or your family, like. These little crustless quiches ain’t less good than sandwiches, especially if you’re little guys are bored of eating bread.

Tuna Salad with pasta? one of the perfect picnic foods for kids!

A rich source of protein is tuna. With adding pasta, vegetables, and mayonnaise, this would consist an integrated meal for kids in your small trip. You can try different types of tuna, and you also have the option to remove the pasta, and keep it as simple as possible. You can replaced the mayonnaise with whole yogurt too.

Chicken Kebabs

As a good protein source for your kids, you can serve chicken kebabs warm, if you have an available grill. Or, in case you don’t want it to get smoky, you can prepare them the night before, and serve them cold, with lemon sauce. Chicken kebabs have to be will peppered and salted. Also, if you have a Middle Eastern friend, it will be very useful for you having them helping with this. Chicken Kebab can sandwiched with bread, and you will find it very comforting especially with kids!

Greek Salad

We know you know a lot of salads, but this different. A combination of white cheese, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika and parsley, makes this salad very special! Serve this salad cold, and don’t forget the forks. Greek Salad has some variations in adding or excluding some of the veggies, but white cheese and paprika cannot be changed.

Baked Salmon? another healthy picnic food for kids

Salmon is a high-protein fish type. Bake your salmon pieces and bring them along. Serve this delicious dish cold, with plates and cutlery. If you are bringing a grill, don’t hesitate to try a meal of grilled salmon, you’ll surely love that! Make sure to bring some lemon along, as vitamin C-containing fruits help absorbing minerals from the gut. Thus, Maximizing benefits you are about to get from this carp.

Falafel as a picnic food for your kids !

Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish that is usually served on breakfast. It is made mainly from minced chickpeas, along with added salt, little of beans, cumin, and a bit of sodium carbonate. Before frying, you have to shape your falafel in balls and fry them by emerging in hot oil. Falafel has to be served hot, and you can make sandwiches out of it, added with Hummus, some tomatoes and lettuce. Falafel is a rich meal, containing vegan protein and carbs. You will definitely like tasting this Eastern taste while setting in the open air.

Nutella Muffins

You know Nutella for sure, have you ever tried to make Nutella muffins? Easy to cook, your kids will LOVE these muffins. Be careful, when mixing the muffin ingredients, you have to separate dry from wet ingredients, and make sure you add the wet to the dry, and never the other way around. You can add Nutella to the wet mix, or you can bake your muffins, and add the chocolate on the surface. Either, it’s a lovely, fast dish to have in your food pack.

Did you enjoy our list for picnic foods for kids? know more about our list for some amazingly delicious foods here.


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