Is Chinese Food Healthy? know the fact in 2021

As any country food is a part of the Chinese culture which transferred to other Asian countries. Much Chinese food becomes an essential part of other countries’ dishes, like rice and noodles. With its huge population and vast area, china has various food types depending on the ingredients available in its regions. So, Is Chinese food healthy?

When we talk about Chinese food, we immediately think about rice noodles and fried egg rolls which are full of carbohydrates, that’s because of the well-known Chinese fast food all over the world. But the truth is that traditional Chinese cuisine depends mainly on vegetables and meat.

What makes Chinese dishes unhealthy?

Using some techniques and food additive makes Chinese food unhealthy, for example:

First, the excessive use of salt: most Chinese restaurants intend to put too much salt into the food as a tasty flavor. The problem here that salt has a high level of sodium which can cause fatigue, thirst, headaches, high blood pressure, and even kidney disease.

Secondly, The use of MSG to improve flavor which also has a harmful high level of sodium.

Thirdly, the use of high-temperature cooking technique: food cooked at high temperature or in oil lose its benefits. As well as high temperatures in the kitchen could produce harmful substances.

Fourthly, the excessive use of oil: some Chinese use a big amount of oil while cooking, they add oil to fry food then they add it again so the dish looks more delicious when it’s served.

Finally, the excessive use of chili and spices can harm the taste buds and other stomach diseases.

Is Chinse food healthy? Not exactly!

Fried Egg Rolls:

which contains high calories and fats and is served with a sweet sauce.

Crab Rangoon:

it contains very high fats and sodium, fried meat with heavy cheese and sweet sauce.

Lo Mein:

noodles with high carbohydrates and oil sauce with high fat and sodium.

On the other hand, Chinese cuisine includes healthy food like steamed vegetables, seafood, and chicken, and healthy techniques:

Using less sugar in dishes.

Using vegetables more than meat which means Chinese dishes contain more fibers.

Famous healthy Chinese dishes:

Vegetable dumplings:

steamed green vegetables with low sodium.

Chop Suey: 

sautéed vegetables and chicken with light sauce.

Buddha’s delight:

cooked vegetables and tofu with soy sauce.

These dishes are the best choices for healthy Chinese food full of vitamins, fiber, and protein.

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We can’t say that Chinese food is healthy or not because china has a huge cuisine that contains many dishes. So, it depends on your choice, you can choose to eat healthy or unhealthy food. If you choose healthy food here are some steps that can help you:

-reduce the amount of soy sauce.

-avoid eating fried food

-eat brown rice and flour instead of white ones.

-avoid high sodium dishes.

-eat dishes with more vegetables and steamed food.

-choose a healthy and light appetizer (baked, sautéed, steamed, or boiled).

-add the sauce with less sugar and calories.

It is worth mentioning that Chinese cuisine is used in medical prescriptions. Chinese people try to make a balance in their lives and food. So, most of their dishes have a balance between the ingredients. They use heats, flavors, and food, especially herbs, as a tradition to treat diseases and reduce headaches, fever, and coughs.

Examples of medical Chinese recipes:

Chinese red dates soup or tea used to fight anemia.

Chinese Cucumber Salad used to treat skin problems because it contains Vitamin C and Silica.

Goji Berries which contains essential vitamins and acids to strengthen the immune system.

Always try to choose healthy Chinese food and don’t forget to enjoy their special recipes.


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