Interviewing for a job, Top tips and tricks

Think about your last job interview. What did you do to prepare for it, and how did it go? The interview is one of the most important steps of the hiring process. It gives you a chance to impress the hiring manager with your skills, qualifications, and confidence. Interviewing for a job can be difficult most times, whether you are a fresh graduate or not.

So, if you want to get the job, you need to take the necessary steps to prepare yourself well for the interview in advance, which increases your confidence before you walk into the interview.

What time should I arrive at my interview?

It is important to arrive early enough to give yourself time to settle in, five to ten minutes would be enough. Do not forget that the interviewing for a job may start long before you sit down in front of your interviewer.

You do not know who you might bump into on your commute, or in the company’s building lift. So, make sure you look in a friendly, professional, confident manner from the moment you set off.

Tips for interviewing for a job:

Read and review the job description

The first step in the process of preparing yourself for an interview should be going back and reviewing the job description. Because the job descriptions usually follow a similar pattern that categorized by the following points: Job title/Department, Duties and tasks, and skills required. Those points will give you an understanding of the major purpose of the position, and helps you know if your competencies and skills align with this job.

Finally, you need to think about examples from your previous and current work that fit with these requirements.

Research the company and the interviewers.

Most companies look to hire people with similar values to those of the company culture. You can use the company’s website, social media (especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), and recent press releases to get a solid understanding of the company’s history, mission, and goals.

Knowing the key information about the company you’re interviewing helps you go into your interview with more confidence.

Current and previous employees

Try to find current and previous employees you can talk to, through your network. Those people are often the best source for you, to know what it is really like to work at this company.

More tips for your interview

Study your resume

 In any job interview, you should know your resume like the back of your hand so you can speak intelligently about your previous positions, skills, roles, and how they transfer to the position you’re applying for.

Practice your answers to common interview questions.

For example, you should prepare your answer to the common question: “Introduce yourself, and why are you interested in this role?”

The idea here is to quickly communicate who you are and express what value you will bring to the company and the role.

Make eye contact.

Eye contact is an essential form of nonverbal communication that can show if the person has a strong personality or not.

Everyone admires a self-confident person! So, it is important to make eye contact with your interviewer to show him that you are confident in yourself.

Dress professionally

Wearing the appropriate clothes to the interview won’t get you the job. On the other hand, wearing inappropriate clothes will sink any chances of impressing the interviewer.

So, all you need to do is to dress professionally, wear business attire suitable for the role and make sure you feel comfortable.

Finally, do not feel disappointed if you do not succeed in any job interview. Make sure that other opportunities are waiting for you!

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