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Delicious foods; top dishes you want to try

You ever wondered how many famous dishes are there in the world? you think all of them are tasty? think again. Here with our list, we show to you the top delicious foods around the world. If you are a fan of frequent traveling, you will definitely like this list, as you will sit in a traditional restaurant, and let your taste buds experience the cultures through these various dishes.

Want to try Japanese delicious foods? Here is the Ramen!

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup. It’s rich in meat, or fish sometimes. It’s a simple tasty soup as it’s flavored with miso or soy, and served with some toppings like mushrooms or seeds, not to forget the semi-boiled eggs on the top. Of course, Ramen soup has some differences across Japan. Nevertheless, It’s still one of the top delicious foods in Japanese traditions.

The Italian Cacio e pepe !

Yes, your right! Italian equals PASTA. This divine genius simple Italian dish consists of pasta, cheese, butter and black pepper. Pasta can be either spagetti or pici type. The last one is a thick worm-like pasta. You can choose your cheese by picking parmesan or pecoreni cheese. Whatever pasta or cheese you pick, you will still taste and smell Italy by just looking at one of these dishes!

The Indian Spicy: Biryani

With its hot spicy rice and vegetables, Indian Biryani is becoming famous even outside the Indian Subcontinent. Biryani is not just a dish to Indians, it’s also a tradition, a culture, and a smell of the ancient times of India. Although some spices can differ according to the region where Birayani is cooked, basics are always the same. Cooked rice with chicken soap, half-fried chicken pieces, and a bunch of many types of vegetables, all are there. Also, You can prepare your own “vegan” Birayani by excluding the meat ingredients.

The Top among delicious foods of the USA; HAMBURGER

Surely, everyone of us knows what burger is. This well-known meal has gone, and still going, virally all over the world. With its hot creamy cheese, semi-grilled meat slices, lettuce and tomato, this simple combination is, without doubt, one of the most delicious foods. Did you know it’s not actually American? Hamburg, hamburger: do you find any similarities? Yes! its roots are German not American, surprisingly!

Turkish Kebabs; your best grilled

Kebab is a traditional Turkish food, that, according to estimations, is known since the 14th century. Kebab is basically a grilled minced lamb, with pepper and salt. However, you can still use chicken alternatively, or any other type of meat if you’d like to. In addition to kebab, some people prefer to grill the meat as pieces, hanged on the kebab skewers, and grilled on the burning coal. If you ever went to Turkey, you would have to try these grills for sure. Also, Kebab, possibly due to the ruling of Ottoman Caliphate, is well-known in the Middle East as a traditional dish too.

Falafel !

This widely known Middle Eastern food is fast, and easy in preparation, and surely delicious in taste. Chickpeas (or Hummus beans) is main ingredient to make Falafel. Chickpeas have to be minced with addition of salt and cumin. Falafel mix is then ready with adding some water to the mix. After, the mix is shaped in balls and fried with emersion in hot oil. Falafel can also be filled with red pepper before frying. This tasteful food is served with Hummus, tomatoes and cucumbers. You can eat Falafel by either making a sandwich, or just biting it with some bread. Or, in case you’re on a strict diet, you can have it without bread, and it’ll still be as tasty as it is.

Have you ever tried any of the abovementioned delicious foods? Know more delicious recipes of Tartar Sauce, and Sweet Potato Salad in our website!


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