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Big bear parks: the beauty of California

Big bear is a beautiful city in California, and it is located on the big bear lake coast. The big bear city has a lot of grizzly bears which was named after it. On the other side, it overlooks San Bernardino Forests. Between the lake and forests, Big bear has various resources which made it more attractive as a tourist estate. Big bear is Famous for its various, beautiful, and unique parks that surround the Big Bear lake. It is characterized by its natural views which include trees, lake, sand, and green spaces. It is like a free space where you can relax, have fun, and even do sports. The best Big Bear parks are:

Big bear park

A big park with 14 acres of green land, it has a famous bear statue and a playground with various swings and plays structure. You can enjoy the beautiful view of it, take a photo with the statue and feel comfortable by its nature.

Big bear parks: Boulder Bay park

It is located on the big bear lake which makes it a perfect place for water activities like rowing by small kayak or paddleboard. It also has a long path for walking surrounded by amazing boulders and beside the lake.

Veteran’s Park

It is also located on the big bear lake and is surrounded by hills and trees. So, it’s a suitable place for a nice family picnic.

Rotary park

It overlooks the big bear lake, it has many seats to enjoy the view of the lake. It also has two playgrounds one of them is made to appropriate children.

Big bear parks: Meadow park

Children park with a big playground and many swings. You can find a specific area for playing Tennis, Football or Basketball.

Bark Park

A special park that allows dogs to run around without a leash. It has everything your dog needs including an area for dog water. it is a perfect choice if you want to pick up your dog in your family picnic.

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Ski beach Park

A park which is similar to a beach coast, with too much sand but surrounded by trees. You can swim and do some water activities besides fishing and feeding ducks.

Big Bear Alpine zoo

A place for animals lover, it was founded to heal wild animals. It has many types of animals, and it’s located next to the mountains.

Alpine Pedal path

A park with a long park which is perfect to bike rides and walking with friends.

Big Bear Parks: Snow play park

A snowy area on the Big Bear Mountain, where you can do skiing. Everyone at any age can participate in skiing activity, and there is a playground for both adults and children.

Aspen Glen Picnic Area

A part of the San Bernardino mountain, it is a place which includes every picnic activities like barbecue, family gathering and even riding bikes and horses,

Why should you visit Big Bear parks?

You can do physical activities, sports, and meditation.

You will have a great time without having to pay much.

Also, You will have fresh air and a healthy brain

You can have a connection with nature for better spiritual health.

Your family will have a good time and memories together.

Your children will get many adventures.

You can see many places and the Big Bear features like mountains, forests, and lakes.

And, You can see many types of beautiful wild animals.

You can also make new friends.

Definitely, you have to start thinking about having a vacation with your family between the Big Bear parks and the beauty of nature.

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