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Best Islands for Vacation: Wonderful places in 2021

For many people, travel is an inspiration. Many artists, writers, and designers in the world talk about constant travel. A man travels around the world and begins to feel reborn, full of strength and desire for creativity because new ideas and ideas simply tear his head off. These new places help break the daily routine. Take a 1-2 week vacation and visit the best islands in the world. Because the world is beautiful and life is not enough to explore. However, each of us is bound to see at least a dozen places with our own eyes! Islands are the best place for a good vacation. Also, as it is a true paradise, we invite you to explore our list of the best islands in the world and choose which island to fly to!

Our list for the best islands for vacation:

Maldives Islands:

How many songs and stories revolve around these wonderful islands, which are located in the middle of the Lakadiv Sea (south-western Sri Lanka). This is a complete paradise in the tropics, attracting tourists from any continent. Moreover, beautiful blue beaches, sandy beaches, and clear blue waters feel that there is an underwater world. So, there is no better place to dive than the Maldives.


They are considered to be some of the best islands for vacation in the world. A lazy relaxation on the beaches of Goa, as it reaches the places where waves of azure light develop on one side of the beach, and palm groves sway in the light winds on the other side. To Sum up, Goa is a tropical paradise to the fullest.

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Bora Bora:

It is the most beautiful island in the world about which there is more than one song. Anyone with money has been here at least once. These islands are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the green and blue colors. Walk the lush tropical slopes into a canyon, where hibiscus blossoms and palm tree-lined islands bloom like delicate carrot arches.

Koh lib :

A lonely small island in Thailand, located in the waters of the Andaman Sea. There are only three beach areas on Ko Lipe, and the rest of the island is covered with cliffs and mountain rocks. The island is so small that you can get around it in an hour.

More fascinating islands:


The most beautiful islands in the world formed by the volcano in French Polynesia. Covered with densely planted palm trees and pineapple plantations. In addition, the islands are famous for their wonderful diversity of coral, fish, and delicious pineapples, and for their tranquillity.


Green island of Kauai with backward resort infrastructure. It has stunning beaches, many waterfalls, cliffs, and beautiful ocean formations. Kauai is a romantic paradise for everyone.

Hua Hin:

The most amazing and beautiful island in the world. An ideal place for those looking for peace. In terms of beauty, it can be compared to the islands of Bora Bora, located a few kilometers away. Hua Hin maintains the authentic Polynesian vibe and is adorned with gorgeous coral deserts.


It is a huge Caribbean island with a white sandy beach dotted with palm trees and mangroves. The island has developed infrastructure, but there is no influx of tourists. When visiting Ambergris, you should definitely dive into the Belize Barrier Reef. It is the second-largest coral reef in the world.

Koh Tao:

The island of the Gulf of Thailand is so named due to the abundance of giant sea turtles of various species. A very sunny island with wild beaches that can only be reached by ATV. Great place for a honeymoon. Look at photos of the islands.

The tourism sector in the islands has great importance, as it is one of the most vital sectors that contribute to earning cash revenues, and there are many factors that contribute to attracting tourists to the islands, such as white sandy beaches, climate, and beautiful underwater marine life, in addition to providing a variety of recreational activities. Such as swimming, diving, and surfing, which emphasizes the importance of the tourism sector in the sustainable development of the islands, through its role in supporting the economy by attracting tourists to the islands.

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